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Careers at HostMamma

When you join HostMamma you’ll realize we work differently. We believe Creatives need a place to let their imaginations run wild. HostMamma is a 100% remote digital marketing agency.

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Welcome Digital Nomads!

Be Unique, Own Results, Join Forces, Work Fearlessly, and Live Passionately. To attract and reward the talent focused on personal development, HostMamma offers employee benefits as part of our total rewards package with the well-being of our employees as primary concern.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to our high level of job inquiries, we do not accept job related phone calls. We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. We wish you every success.



    At HostMamma, competitive benefits for full-time employees include:

    >> Medical/Dental/Vision benefits

    >> Flexible Spending Account

    >> 401k Retirement Plan

    >> 3 weeks of Paid Time Off (increases after 1 year)

    >> Seven Paid holidays

    >> Employee Assistance Program

    >> Employer-paid Basic Life and AD&D (one times annual earnings up to $50,000)

    >> Voluntary Benefits: Life and AD&D, STD, LTD, Accident and Critical Illness Insurance

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    Join the HostMamma journey.
    Working at HostMamma is more than just a job.
    Want to come along for the ride?

    Where will I work?

    HostMamma is a 100% remote company; our teams are spread across the United States of America. As a member of our team, you can work wherever you’re happiest and most productive.

    So, what is 100% Remote?

    It means that whether you’re an administrative assistant, a developer or VP you can work wherever you want. Our only requirement is that you are a U.S. Citizen with a United States residential address.

    The world is becoming more connected every single day with the mass adoption of the internet over the past 20 years. The idea of running a company 100% remote is no longer a pie in the sky. Rather, it is a reality for millions of digital businesses around the world that are tapping into the growing workforce and using technology to creatively communicate with the people they hire.

    In short, HostMamma is a 100% remote digital marketing agency. We do not provide a traditional office space. As an employee you will be working as a digital nomad, which doesn’t just mean working outside of the four walls of a cubicle, but traveling as you work, if you choose!

    Why we prefer to work remote?

    1. Our team is super productive

    The thing about hiring people for a distributed team is that they need to be self-motivated and productive working at home, coffee shops, or a co-working space.

    During the hiring process, we look especially for people who have worked as freelancers or on startups. Everyone on board is incredibly smart, and it’s humbling to work with them.

    2. Team members have incredible amounts of freedom

    Have a family event coming up and need to travel on Friday? No problem.

    Want to take off on a cruise for a week and work from there? As long as you have good WIFI, Awesome! – please share photos 🙂

    Do you have young children that you would like to be at home with? Great, we do too! We don’t care when you work as long as you work and get your projects complete. If it’s easier for you to work at night, then go for it! We recognize that many talented woman and men enjoy both work and home life and do a fantastic job of balancing both! Why choose one or the other? Instead, have your cake and eat it too! Why not?

    It’s the little things too, like being able to avoid a commute and spend more time with family. We don’t have working hours, and we don’t measure hours at all. We’re excited about our vision, and we focus on results, balance, and sustained productivity.

    3. We are looking ahead to the future

    As a group of Creatives, the traditional office space environment is stifling and limits the potential we have to work. We are the kind of people that are most productive in an environment that fosters our imagination. We see traditional office spaces as a view from our rearview mirror. As a digital marketing agency, we are looking forward and taking those first steps into what is to come… a new way of working.

    4. We have less overhead

    Less overhead means we can offer better, more competitive, prices to our customers!

    What is required?

    1. Daily Project Check-Ins

    We manage every project online. Daily you will need to log into your department and locate your weekly assignments. You will be required to check-in daily at the start of your day. You will need to document what tasks you were able to achieve, sign-off on completed tasks, and notify your department of any issues you ran into and any questions you may have.

    1. Weekly Team Meetings

    It’s important to keep in close touch with your department team members, so everyone is on the same page. Each week, you will have real-time communication with your assigned team, in order to dive deeper into the goals for your specific department.

    1. Monthly Department Meetings

    It is our goal to build and maintain a company culture that inspires and motivates. Every 1st Monday of the month, each Department with gather online to share updates, set goals for the month, brainstorm new solutions and learn more about one another.

    1. Quarterly 1-1 Evaluation Meetings

    Chase the big dreams.
    Push beyond fear & doubt.

    Our diverse employee population reflects the customers we serve. We support and celebrate everyone on our team through our Employee Resource Groups, open and inclusive to all.

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